Aragona Communications Inc. (Aragona) is committed to maintaining the privacy of individuals and companies that interact with us digitally.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy that aren’t addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us.

Regarding Personal and Contact Information

Our website does not automatically collect any explicit personal information about visitors, such as name, phone number, email addresses, and addresses.

Information of this nature is obtained strictly on a voluntary basis (e.g., use of our contact form, directly emailing agency staff members or the general information email, signing up for the mailing list, etc.).

Personal information collected by Aragona is used by our company to contact persons to answer questions, distribute information/materials, or to commence/maintain conversations regarding agency services.

Internal Marketing Cookies

This site uses cookies to track user page visits, session lengths, and other statistics for marketing research and analysis purposes. No specific personal and contact information can be associated with these statistics unless a user has previously submitted personal information that can be indexed against their usage of the site.

Digital Communication With Our Company

Digital communication with our company (use of the contact form, directly emailing agency staff members or the general information email, communication on social media platforms, etc.) is treated as confidential and with care.

However, it is important that anyone communicating with our company is aware that their digital communication may be viewed by our employees, associates, and third parties. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that digital information, communication, and materials sent to our company (or any of its staff members and associates) does not contain sensitive information that they would not want shared or viewed by any person or entity beyond the explicitly stated intended receiver.

Exemption to the terms in the paragraph above is created if clients, associates, or any parties with pre-existing relationships with Aragona create and solidify legal/contractual privacy arrangements that supersede the terms above.

External Links, Cookies, and Downloads

Any external links to third party sites or materials found on our site exist for the purposes of user information. Aragona is not responsible for, and has no control over, the privacy practices or the content of these other websites. Users will need to check the privacy statements on these other websites to understand their policies.

Files, software, and other digital materials found on the internet may contain viruses and other risks. Aragona can make no guarantee that files downloaded from our website or any externally linked sites will be without unwanted problems, virus, cookies, etc.

Reliance on This Site

The contents of the Aragona website (including that of this privacy statement) may be changed without notice to its users.

Content of this website is provided without any warranty of any kind and cannot be used as a reference point for any terms and/or conditions related to our company’s services.