Chloé Ashton

Junior Graphic Designer

Alex Aragona - Account Manager

Interests, Likes, and Passions

Starting Her Stories With “When I Was a Kid”
Serial Killer Documentaries
Trying to Sleep After Serial Killer Documentaries

Chloé Ashton has a passion for design and is a junior graphic designer at Aragona Agency.

Before working at Aragona, Chloé interned at Him & Her Inc. as a graphic designer and also worked as a freelance graphic artist and designer for a variety of small businesses.

Chloé creates and develops designs, graphics, and visuals for a variety of mediums for Aragona Agency and its clients.

Chloé received a certificate in Design Studies and an advanced diploma in Graphic Design from Algonquin College.

Chloé is fluent in English and French.

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