Brynn Deamer

Quality Assurance & Writing Support

Alex Aragona - Account Manager

Interests, Likes, and Passions

Being artsy (painting, drawing, reading, crafting)
Wandering around in nature
Big dogs & All-sized elephants

Brynn Deamer has a passion for words and ensures that only top-quality content leaves the agency and reaches our clients.

At the agency, Brynn is our quality-assurance expert — proofreading and editing all material before it is finalized or sent to production.

Brynn also supports the writing team by producing blogs and other written materials.

Brynn has a Bachelor of Arts from Nipissing University, where she majored with honours in English Literature and minored in French Studies. She is working towards becoming a Certified Professional Editor (CPE) with Editors Canada.

Brynn is fluent in English, has a working proficiency in French, and an elementary working proficiency in Spanish.

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